6 Agustus 2020


(19 years old & Above) – 20 Laps (45,6 KM)
1 Lap = 2,28 KM

This category is open to any male rider above 19 years old, of Indonesian nationality only. Both professionals and amateurs may participate in this race.

Description :

  • A rider whose age is 19 years old and above may participate in this event.
  • The race will be run as an individual race and not as a team, except Team Time Trial.
  • The winner will be determined by time.
  • Using helmets, gloves, shoes, and jersey is mandatory
  • The rider(s) may use any kind of freewheel bicycle with brakes e.g. Road Bike. No time trial, mountain, fixed gear, track bikes or any additional handlebar (Only road Bike allowed).
  • There will be no intermediate sprint for all categories, unless told so before the event starts.
  • Any dropped rider will be taken out from the race by the Commissaire panel.
  • For any mishap, it is the responsibility of the rider and no neutralization will be given.
  • No technical support will be arranged by the organizer.
  • Any additional details about the rules shall refer to UCI Criterium rules.

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